The Master and margarita tour

Our award-winning Master and Margarita transfer to St Cuthbert's at the Edinburgh Fringe was a major success, garnering a host of four and five star reviews. 

Master and Margarita is a fascinating tale set in Stalinist Russia, following the relationship between an impoverished writer (the Master), his impetuous muse (Margarita) and the events that are set into motion when he decides to write a book about the crucifixion of Jesus from the perspective of Pontius Pilate. This is a novel which exists on thousands of different levels; of shifting, deceiving and transforming like the four enigmatic devils who bound between its pages. Our production wanted to acknowledged the pirouetting, scattershot nature of the original novel, creating a piece of theatre which can react to the ambition of its audience, producing a different telling of this fantastical tale every single night.

Handheld lights, live sound effects, puppets and physical theatre were part of our interpretation of the fantastical, magical piece. We've had such a great reaction to the show and are hugely proud of our work; thank you to everyone who came and saw it, we absolutely loved working with you.



Director - Helena Jackson

Writer -Alex Hartley

Co-Producers - Charlotte Vickers, Annie Williams

Designer - Zoe Brennan

Marketing Manager - Alex Wood

Composer/Music Director - Matt Pope

Stage Manager - Anna Livesey



Berlioz/Pontius Pilate - Georgia Figgis

Master - Jonny Wiles

Yeshua - Gwenno Jones

Margarita - Iona Purvis

Woland - James Blake-Butler

Azazello - Tyler Holland

Behemoth - Bethany Evans

Koroviev - Matt Pope

Natasha/Ivan/Matthew - Rosa Garland

Praise for Sleepless Theatre: 

The List - ‘A blast of intelligent and challenging energy”’– ★★★★★ Threeweeks - ‘One of those Fringe gems you’ll remember for years...Mind-blowing’ -★★★★★
British Theatre Guide - ‘captivating’ - ★★★★
Fringe Guru - ‘A must for those who like theatre at its most adventurous’ - ★★★★