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'All things considered, your lack of boy bits is only a tiny hiccup'


Chloe’s great. It’s Christmas, she’s thirteen years old and has just woken up to what seems like a crustier version of her mum's tomato soup sticking her legs together beneath the duvet.


Jamie’s worried. In her experience, throwing up from pain straight after sex is (thankfully) pretty damn unusual - so why does her little sister breezily chat about it like it’s a perfectly normal reaction?

Baby Box is a frank and darkly comic exploration of the wonderfully dysfunctional relationship between siblings, complete with all the ins and outs that come with having a vagina.

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This heart-warming and darkly humorous new play focusses around two sisters, Chloe and Jamie, and their experiences surrounding endometriosis - a medical condition affecting 1 of 10 women in the world, where cells similar to those lining the womb occur outside of the uterus yet keep their behaviour of shedding and bleeding.

Despite the fact that endometriosis is such a common disease, it still takes on average 7-8 years to be diagnosed, as female pain (especially when linked with sex, genitalia or periods) is just not taken as seriously by the medical profession. Responses often include 'use more lube', 'it's all in your head' or (our favourite) 'just wait until you have children, you'll be too busy to be in pain'.

Baby Box uses these preconceptions to question society’s response to chronic pain, and to explore the intricacies of unconditional sibling love.

Baby Box ran at the King's Head Theatre from the 1st - 6th of May at 8:30pm as part of their WHO RUNS THE WORLD feminist festival season.



Playwright: Laura McGrady

Director: Helena Jackson

Producer: Josephine Shipp



Chloe: Sarah Cullum

Jamie: Laura McGrady



Praise for Sleepless Theatre: 

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Fringe Guru - ‘A must for those who like theatre at its most adventurous’ - ★★★★