What kind of theatre we make

While theatre is a fantastic art form with which to question and challenge, the playfulness of live performance is to be cherished - a philosophy which we attempt to inject into all of our shows.

We love experimenting with the interaction between spectators and performers, challenging the imagination of those watching and creatively working with the limitations that the theatrical form sets. We dare, we flout the rules, we make mistakes and exist in that glorious muddling crossover between intense ambition and logistical feasibility. We don't pretend to be perfect - this is the time in our development to try huge, crazy ideas, to follow our noses, to start a project with nothing but determination and a laptop, just to see where we end up.

The theatre we create aims to be thought-provoking past the confines of the venue where it takes place. We want audiences to be inspired by our shows and the ideas we present, leaving the theatre asking questions not only about the piece, but also the social constraints of the world in which we live.

Sleepless Theatre Company is based in London and has performed in various different locations around the UK.

How We want to make this theatre

We are a hugely passionate advocate for equality in the arts, and strive to have at least 50% female/non-male identifying artists both on- and offstage. We are also committed to increasing our diversity ratio in terms of ethnicity and working with D/deaf and Disabled artists in all of our productions.

We challenge ourselves to always ask the question:

“How can we enable the environment we provide to be suitable for everyone - from artists we work with to audience members who come to watch the theatre we create?”

We aim to offer an inclusive, accessible environment for everyone - not only enabling everyone to be able to work on or watch our theatre, but to make them feel welcome too.

If you feel we could provide or do something differently so you (or someone you know) can feel more comfortable, we'd love you to talk to us about how we can improve what we’re doing. We hope by having this open dialogue we can implement change to improve your experience with us in the future, and so that we can become more aware about the art that we want to produce.



Praise for Sleepless Theatre: 

The List - ‘A blast of intelligent and challenging energy”’– ★★★★★ Threeweeks - ‘One of those Fringe gems you’ll remember for years...Mind-blowing’ -★★★★★
British Theatre Guide - ‘captivating’ - ★★★★
Fringe Guru - ‘A must for those who like theatre at its most adventurous’ - ★★★★